Mentorship and emotional intelligence is the foundation of all Nursing development. 

Experience A Group Coaching Call Now:

There's power in proximity,
and community brings confidence.
The Personal Preceptor Club is a brave and safe place
to learn, grow, and lean into each other,
while working through the challenges of being a Nurse. 

Nursing school does not prepare students to be emotionally intelligent, confident and competent Nurses by graduation. 

As a new Nurse, it is crucial to have a support system where you can be vulnerable in a  judgement-free and honest community to vent, share lessons, and learn how to navigate the sometimes muddy waters of this profession.

This is for you if you're

✅  Looking for an unconventional nurse residency program

✅  Want to transform into an emotionally intelligent and psychosocially prepared Nurse. 

✅  Ready to decrease your learning curve with transitioning into an emotionally intelligent Nursing

What You Gain
  1. Increase confidence in your abilities to be a great Nurse

  2. Mastery of self (emotional intelligence and resilience)

  3. Shorten the learning curve to becoming a psychologically safe Nurse

  4. Recognize your value, worth and Nurse power


Women only - sorry, not sorry

Aspiring, student, novice and experienced new Nurses (LPN/LVN & RN)

Nurses ready to do the work to grow in Nursing

  1. Personal coaching and mentorship 

  2. Private Facebook community

  3. Bi-weekly group coaching

  4. Guided journal prompts

  5. Professional development and continuing education opportunities 

  6. Worksheets, recommended reading and templates

  7. Clinical case study review


​​"I love that this space is a beautiful space where I can be vulnerable and not judged"​

—Angelisa, RN Student, New York


"I joined the personal preceptor club because I wanted to master my pivot. I wanted to be around students and nurses and learn the art of transitioning from student nurse to nurse. I saw there was a lack and I needed it filled. The preceptor club means the world to be because it has given me great insight on what to expect and what my role is as a competent nurse will entail."

Brooklyn J., Student