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A Professional Development Course For The Emotionally Intelligent Nurse Ready To Elevate Their Self Awareness And Take Their Leadership Skills To The Next Level 

This program combines the teachings of emotional intelligence with the theory human design and the strategy of organizational leadership to position you as a change agent and culture shifter in Nursing. At completion, you will know how to communicate authentically, inspire others, generate organizational alignment, drive innovation, and engineer change all while staying true to yourself. 

This is how we change the culture of Nursing -  elevating our self awareness to take our leadership skills to the next level 

Human Design

the empirical theory of who you were meant to be and how you show up and view the world.


Emotional Intelligence

the mastery of self awareness and relationship management.


Organizational Leadership 

using skills, strategies, and tools to expand leadership beyond a role, title or position. 


This Is For You If You

  1. Know that leadership skills is needed at every level of your career

  2. Want to learn how to show up as your full authentic self

  3. Are ready to master leadership in your personal life so it's easy to execute in your professional life

  4. Are interested in using Human Design elevate how you show up in Nursing

What's included?

  1. Eight Continuing Education Credits

  2. Six Group Coaching Calls

  3. Intelligent Leadership Manual 

  4. Six Private Professional Development Sessions ​

  5. Client Only Portal so that you can connect with other coaches, healers, and business professionals

  6. Leadership And Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessments

  7. Twelve Month Access to Private Portal

You'll Learn How To

  1. Identify misalignments between your organization and your core values

  2. Communicate your goals for change

  3. Influence & lead with your authentic voice

  4. Elevate your leadership style 

  5. Develop strategies for  organizational change and innovation 

Look At This

​You don't have to pay for this program alone. Talk with your organization to reimburse or contribute in the purchase of this continuing education course. Download the Justification Worksheet to strategize your communication in requesting continuing education reimbursement from your employer​

Course Topics

  1. Finding Your Human Design

  2. Defining Leadership Identity

  3. Organizational Change 

  4. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Nursing

  5. Emotional Intelligence in Conflict Management

  6. Optimizing the Charge Nurse and Preceptor Role 

  7. *Bonus* Showing up in full authenticity in Nursing


January 8 - April 30, 2023

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