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The Emotional Intelligent Nurse Group - a coaching collective for experienced Nurses ready to change the culture of nursing 
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Being An Emotional Intelligent Nurse Is... 

The art of managing yourself so you can manage others.

It's the ability to:

Have deep self-awareness and understanding of your thoughts, feelings and how they influence your behavior. 

Manage those thoughts and feelings to protect your peace and enforce your boundaries.

Knowing how to be the calm in the midst of panic
Understanding the key to being a successful adult

This is for...

  • Experienced Nurse ready to grow in mindset, critical thinking, leadership and becoming change agents  

  • The Woman who want to develop personally and professionally using emotional intelligence, Human Design and Gene Keys 

  • The Nurse ready to push the culture of Nursing forward

Subscription Includes:

Member's Only Community​

Professional Development Training & Strategic Planning

Education Book Club

Bi-weekly Group Coaching

Resources for Leadership, Nursing Education and Changing The Culture of Nursing

2022 Topic & Themes
January - Leadership Style
February - Being a Problem Solver
March - What is a Change Agent in Nursing
April - Cycles of Change
May - Creativity = Innovation
June - Leadership in Education
July - Collaboration & Partnerships
August - Using Stats as Facts
September - Professional Troublemaking
October - Feedback & Communication
November - Leadership in Crisis

December - Year End Review